Glacier Commander Software Solution


Glacier Computer, a leading designer, developer, and supplier of rugged industrial PC-compatible devices, announces the Glacier Commander for use with its Everest series of harsh environment computers. Offering both onboard diagnostics and configuration utility, Glacier Commander is a customized and integrated software solution.

This software tool allows IT Administrators to access vital forklift mounted computer information from their office PC using readily available remote management programs. Glacier Commander users can easily monitor system activity, program function buttons, set optional Screen-blanking parameters, and view detailed reporting on current and past temperature and voltage readings. Glacier Commander provides a source of information and control traditionally unavailable with rugged industrial PCs.

“Information such as processor temperature, reboots, run time, and system crashes can be accessed and recorded for later analysis,” states John Geary, Vice President of Sales, Glacier Computer. “Also, Everest function buttons, screen blanking characteristics, and remote on/off can be configured from the Glacier Commander screen.”
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