Global News Catalog from Kennametal Covers Milling and Holemaking Tools and Toolholders


Nearly 60 pages on holemaking products highlight high-performance solid-carbide drills, KenTip modular drills for depths up to 8× diameter, KSEM drilling inserts, and modular systems for boring in both inch and metric sizes. Among the new products featured are an expanded range of SE solid-carbide drills in grades and geometries optimized for various work materials, including stainless steels and high-temperature alloys, steels, and cast irons.

The publication’s 114 pages of milling products cover insert face and end mills, solid-carbide end mills, and slotting/helical milling systems in both inch and metric sizes. Featured are new KSCM face mills for aluminum machining tooling, as well as a special section for mold/die applications that covers screw-on end mills, KenFEED high-feed milling systems, and ballnose mills for finish-milling applications.

The catalog features nearly 50 pages covering rotating toolholding products including new Slim Line hydraulic chucks, which combine higher clamping forces than the competition, excellent runout over extended lengths, and 30,000-rpm speed capability. Also detailed are Trend Line extended hydraulic chucks and shrink-fit toolholders, as well as VDI driven tools and KM25 modular quick-change tools for turning applications.
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