“GOLD SERIES®” Cartridge Dust Collectors Now Offered with High Performance Explosion Vent


Farr Air Pollution Control is now offering its popular “GOLD SERIES®” dust collector with a new high performance explosion vent for applications involving the capture of explosive dusts. The new “X-vent” is manufactured in accordance with NFPA standards and carries CE and ATEX certifications. The multi-ribbed vent delivers a very high negative static operating pressure rating of -80” WC for enhanced performance, and is designed to open up at +1 psi (30” WC).

Rated for 350o F operating temperature, the X-vent is standard on all new Gold Series collectors that require explosion protection, and is also
suitable for retrofit use. Made of sanitary food grade stainless steel, it
has broad application in the food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical,
woodworking, grain processing, and aluminum grinding, cutting and thermal spray industries.

Features of the Gold Series dust collector include rugged 10-gauge
construction for durable performance, reversible easy-to-open access doors, and a patented cambar system that allows fast, trouble-free filter changeout with no tools required. The collector also comes equipped with Farr’s award-winning “HemiPleat®” filter, which delivers greatly extended service life and lower pressure drop compared to standard dust collector cartridge filters – typically double the life at half the delta P. The filter media provides high efficiency (99.99 percent on 0.5 micron particles and larger) and high moisture resistance.
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