W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. announces the availability of enhanced GORE™ joint sealant. The enhancements have increased the strength of the product by 50%, making it more creep-resistant than ever ... and thereby increasing seal reliability to a level never before achieved. Now, industrial users who have found success with GORE™ joint sealant over the past 30 years can be more confident than ever of its superior performance. The product was pioneered by Gore more than 30 years ago. Since then, it has continuously distinguished itself as the tightest sealing, most commonly used gasketing material in chemical processing plants. The recent performance enhancement is just the latest in an ongoing series of improvements made to GORE™ joint sealant to sustain its superior performing characteristics in comparison to other sealing products. “Increasing the tensile strength of our product improves its creep resistance, which contributes to a more reliable seal. The latest improvement ensures that the seal can be sustained reliably over time, and through dynamic processing conditions,” notes Rob Haywood, product specialist for GORE™ gaskets. According to Haywood, the stronger GORE™ joint sealant product also offers several cost advantages – an attractive benefit in today's operating climate. Because it is designed to be customized onsite, GORE™ joint sealant enables the user to eliminate costly material scrap, lengthy lead times, and the excessive inventory burdens of stocking large or complex flange gaskets that must be pre-cut. GORE™ joint sealant, a versatile form-in-place gasketing material, can be used in most types of sealing applications. Made from GORE™ expanded PTFE, the material is impervious to virtually all chemicals, is suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -450°F to +600°F, and withstands pressures to 3,000 psig.

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