Gran-sorb Industrial Absorbent


Kadant GranTek Inc., a subsidiary of Kadant Inc. (NYSE:KAI), has enhanced its environmentally-friendly granular product offerings with its latest fiber-based absorbent. Gran-sorb industrial absorbent is made from 100% recycled post-consumer paper waste and used for spill cleanup, liquid stabilization, bioremediation, site remediation, among other industrial absorbent uses. This environmentally responsible product absorbs oils, solvents, lubricants, coolants, water, and most non-aggressive liquids on contact.
While traditional clay-based absorbents are dusty, dirty, have relatively low absorption rates, and respiratory drawbacks, Gran-sorb industrial absorbent is dust- and silica-free, leaves no stains, cleans up quickly, has low ash content, and is safe for disposal by incineration. Because Gran-sorb is created using fibrous sludge waste from select paper mills, it is safe for both the environment and employee use.
Gran-sorb industrial absorbent has a weight-to-weight absorbency of one-to-one meaning 30 lbs. of Gran-sorb will absorb 30 lbs. (or four gallons) of oil. Gran-sorb has a bulk density of 30-36 pounds per cubic foot and is available in 30 lb. poly bags, 65 bags per pallet, and 1,430 bags per palletized truckload.
Gran-sorb industrial absorbent is manufactured exclusively by Kadant GranTek Inc. and is covered under several U.S. patents.
Kadant GranTek Inc. transforms papermaking sludge into virtually dust-free, cellulose-based granules marketed as Biodac used as a carrier for crop protection chemicals in the professional turf, home lawn and garden, and mosquito-control and heavy agricultural markets. In addition, the company manufactures the Gran-sorb industrial absorbent granule sold through select environmental, industrial and safety distributors worldwide, and cat box filler marketed as private brand cat litter.
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