Gleason Corporation today announced that it has broadened its line of bevel gear manufacturing solutions with a new line of high performance grinding wheels for bevel gear applications. The new wheels have been developed to Gleason standards, using the latest, most advanced abrasive materials and wheel designs, enabling faster, more aggressive metal removal rates. 
With the new high-performance series of wheels, bevel gear grinding from a solid gear blank becomes an economically viable alternative to the traditional process of rough cutting prior to grinding, with significant reductions in equipment and tool costs, setup times, and cycle times. 

Beyond “grind from solid applications”, the series covers virtually any bevel gear or Curvic® Coupling application, from very small to large diameters, industrial to aircraft precision, low to very aggressive metal removal rates, and all ranges of steels and very hard materials.  In addition, Gleason offers electroplated, as well as infiltrated and sintered grinding wheel dressing rolls.

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