Grip Tite Rivets


Extending the range of innovative solutions provided by POP® brand rivet systems, Emhart Teknologies today announces a new line of Grip Tite® rivets targeted specifically at the automotive, electronic assembly, outdoor equipment and transportation sectors. Available in a range of steel bodies and steel mandrels with domed and large flange head configurations, Grip Tite rivets are offered in 1/8, 5/32 and 3/16 inch diameters. “This new product will assure users of highly reliable clamp force, even with brittle or thin materials, as well as freedom from stress fractures or material deformation on metal-to-metal or composite-to-metal combinations,” said Joaquin Sanchez, POP Rivet Product Manager. “A unique rib design is key to avoid any deformation or fracture of vulnerable materials and tolerates oversized holes without diminishing setting performance” he added. 

Users concerned with reliability and stability will note that the Grip Tite rivet has an extended secondary side footprint for high strength application requirements, with shear strength ratings that range from 326 to 696 pounds, depending on rivet diameter, and tensile strengths that test from 382 to 764 pounds. Field applications show that Grip Tite Rivets provide excellent mandrel retention characteristics for anti-rattle properties in high vibration applications, and are appropriate for fastening thick to thin material stack-ups and composite-to-metal material combinations, and will deliver overall installed cost savings.  POP Brand Grip Tite™ rivets are compatible with the extensive POP Power tool range, including POP 510A, ProSet® Models 1600, 2500 & 3400, 5250A Inline and the POP 540 Model. 


  • domed and large flange head configurations
  • rib design

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