Groundbreaking Tool Reduces Risk of Electrical Shock


Revolutionary new tool, Voltclaw-12 is leading to safer, faster, and more productive work methods for electricians, maintenance professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers.


The company's latest breakthrough fills a serious gap in the hand-tool industry. It is a simple-to-use, low-cost tool that is nonconductive to allow the safer management of 12-14 gauge electrical wiring within junction boxes, switch boxes, outlets, panels, or anywhere electrical wires are installed.


Molded from rugged, impact-resistant nylon, the Voltclaw-12 has no metal parts and is nonconductive up to 1000V. Its smooth edges allow an electrician to safely bend and move wires without damaging insulation, unlike with standard metal tools that can nick and break insulation. Since ergonomics plays a role in the tool safety, the Voltclaw-12 was designed to encourage a confident grip with only minimal torque required to secure, bend and pull wires. The stress-reducing contoured grip feels natural and comfortably in a gloved hand.


Although Voltclaw-12 weighs just a few ounces and measures less than 9 inches it is a rugged tool. It is equipped with six unique functions that greatly contribute to its value.



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Using the Voltclaw, the electrician can:

  • Reach inside crowded junction boxes, service panels and other applications to tightly grab wires with either one of the tool's two Pull Hooks
  • Push, pull or bend wires with the T-Groove by sliding the wire into the groove and twisting the tool.
  • Push wires back into outlets, switch boxes, GFCIs or other tight spaces with the tool's V-groove. Push in ground wires first, white wires second and hot wires last.
  • Create a J-shaped loop on the end of a pre-stripped wire with the Loop Bender. Electricians need a J-shaped loop to attach wires securely to the screws on the side of a receptacle or a switch.
  • Remove or tighten twist-on wire connectors with the built-in wrench. Simply slide the wire connector into the wrench and turn counterclockwise for loosening or clockwise for tightening.      
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