GS120 Palletizer


The GS family of palletizers automatically stacks cases on a pallet in a variety of patterns. A conveying system will deliver cases to the machine’s infeed. An escapement or infeed belt will control the flow of product into the machine and gap the cases to suit the machine’s internal functions.

A cushioned turning device rotates the cases, as needed, to suit the pattern requirements. Case stops in the row forming area are used to generate voids. A pusher bar transfers the cases one row at a time, from the row forming area to the apron.

When an entire layer of product is on the apron, the carriage raises to a height above the empty pallet or the previous layer on the pallet. The apron advances over top of the pallet with its layer of product. A stripper bar swings down behind the layer and the apron reverses its travel, depositing the layer on the pallet or the partially built load. The carriage now lowers into position so that the apron can receive the next layer of product.

The GS120 builds the load on a pallet that has been manually positioned in the hoist cavity. When the load is complete, the doors are opened, the load is removed and another empty pallet is manually positioned in the load build cavity.
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