GSM – The New Gripper-Swivel Unit


SCHUNK introduces a new series of gripper-swivel units, GSM, which will set a new benchmark in the field of automated assembly. Many applications formerly built from individual components and adapters are now combined into the compact gripper-swivel unit GSM.

With its slim and innovative design the GSM will fit a wide range of application requirements, while saving time and space on any automated machine. The three base swivel unit sizes can be equipped with one of four different gripper types. The GSM offers the choice of 2-finger parallel grippers, 3-finger concentric grippers, 2-finger angular grippers, and 180° angular grippers. With hydraulic shock absorbers to dampen the rotation, the GSM also has the capability of being fully adjustable from 0-180°. With the internal porting of the air supply to the gripper, the GSM will eliminate interfering contours from airlines and sensors to the gripper.

The flexibility of the GSM unit is further enhanced by the variety of mounting possibilities. Due to the slim design of the GSM, several units can be mounted close to one another without interference. Compared to conventional gripper-swivel combinations the GSM incorporates a hose-free connection for air supply and integrates mounting of magnetic sensors in the body for position feedback on both the gripper and swivel units giving the most compact design on the market. With a total of 92 different versions with strokes ranging from 4mm to 20mm and a grip force range of 28N (6.3 lbf) to 270N (61 lbf), the GSM will be perfect for your next gripper-swivel application.


• Sizes : 16 .. 40 • Weight: 0.49 kg .. 2.19 kg • Gripping moment : 0.1 Nm .. 1.5 Nm • Opening angle per finger : 90° • Torque : 0.35 Nm .. 2.3 Nm

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