Guide to Using Portable Spot Air Conditioners


DENSO Corporation announced publication of a new free MovinCool® guide, “Using Portable Spot Air Conditioners in Industrial Applications: Cooling People, Processes and Equipment.”  “Overheating of people, processes or equipment in heat-dense areas of a manufacturing plant or other industrial facility can have disastrous effects on productivity,” said David Keller, manager, Heat Management Department. 

“A building’s central air-conditioning system cannot always eliminate these kinds of hot spots, and traditional solutions such as electric fans or evaporative coolers have serious drawbacks.” MovinCool’s new guide addresses this problem by considering the benefits of a class of self-contained, commercial portable air conditioners called spot air conditioners or spot coolers. These compact units were originally designed to cool workers on factory production lines, and have since proven to be equally effective in cooling manufacturing processes and equipment.

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