Hall Effect Pushbutton


APEM Components, Inc. introduces its IH Hall Effect pushbutton. This pushbutton switch features a 12mm diameter bushing with a low behind-panel depth. APEM’s IH series offers one of a kind Hall Effect sensor technology for a long lifecycle. APEM has created to version of the IH series: the IHL and the IHS. Both the IHL and HIS offer a long life contactless switching of 5 million operations. It is sealed to IP67. 

The dome shaped actuator is available in eight colors. The IHS Series is a ruggedized switch in harsh environments. The IHS is recommended for applications where the switch is often activated. For example, in applications where positioning the load is critical: material handling, loaders, lifts trucks, buckets and shovels. The IHL series is used in applications where a simple On /Off control is not sufficient and where a linear output is preferable. Typical use of IHL: applications where operators need to control motion and speed. 

This switch is ideal for control valves or variable speed drives and can be used in various applications including industrial controls, heavy duty equipment and handling.


  • low behind-panel depth
  • long life contactless switching
  • sealed to IP67

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