Hall-Effect Switches


FEATURES: Hall-Effect Switches are used with magnetic-piston cylinders for position sensing. These switches are actuated by a magnetic ring installed on the cylinder's piston. As the magnetic ring passes under the switch, the switch's contacts close to provide an electrical signal. Hall-Effect Switches are 3-wire, solid-state devices that are recommended for low current DC loads, such as when interfacing with a programmable controller.


SIZES: Available in three sizes. The smallest Air-Powered Clamps require one double switch that senses both clamped and unclamped positions. These double switches are available in sourcing (PNP) output type, and fit the following clamps:


The larger Air-Powered Clamps require two single switches, one to sense clamped position and another to sense unclamped position. These single switches are available in either sourcing (PNP) output type or sinking (NPN) output type, and fit the following clamps:

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