Hand Dispensing Nozzle


Extreme dispensing applications are easily handled by
the DM-700HFR/AMTS1 XtremeDuty™ hand dispensing
nozzle. Made with aluminum and Teflon the nozzle safely
transfers virtually any liquid or chemical compatible with
these materials. The nozzle offers controlled fluid transfer
from pumps or gravity dispensing from drums, totes and
storage tanks or reservoirs.
Used for extreme duty liquid dispensing operations in all
industries, it helps ensure greater operator and
environmental safety by preventing spillage during critical
transfer tasks. It also simplifies bulk liquid dispensing or
repacking of liquid products into smaller containers. Smooth
trigger action enables easy trickle flow to full pouring
operation. The nozzle has heavy wall construction for extra
strength and the maximum opening flow path prevents
foaming or shear effects.
The DM-700HFR/AMTS1 hand nozzle provides flow rates
up to 50 Gpm at 100 Psi, with a choice of ½, ¾ or 1” Npt
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