Hand-Held Searchlight 14-w HID lamp throws 800+ lumens


Not simply a powerful flashlight, 14-w Power Light (model shown on left) uses a 12-v lithium ion battery powering an electronic ballast and high-intensity discharge lamp to produce 800+ lumens of true white light, a “personal searchlight.” Ruggedly constructed light features protective rubber caps on both ends, hardened glass lens, and self-storing 100/240-v ac charger. A charged battery provides 1.5 hr of operation. Larger, 24-w model (right) is also available. AE Light, Grants Pass, OR


• Shipping Weight: 8.00lbs • Lumens: 860+ • Projection distance: Up to 2000' • Color Temperature: 6500K • Run time: 110 minutes w/2200mAh battery • Length: 12.7" • Weight: 2 lb. • Battery: Rechargeable Lithum Ion • Power Switch: Rotating on/off • Beam: 6deg. fixed prefocus
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