Hand-Held Spray Gun


Dymax Corporation’s SG-100 hand-held spray gun systems, available in both standard- and high-flow models, provide a solution for manually spraying materials for masking and coating applications.  These systems are able to dispense from pressurized cartridges, bottles, and pails, making them compatible with most standard fluid packages and delivery systems.  

Their lightweight assembly with low trigger resistance allows for hours of effortless spraying, and the easy adjustment of material flow and spray atomization results in greater dispensing accuracy with less material waste. All wetted components of the SG-100 spray guns are stainless steel, Teflon®, or Kalrez®, making them compatible with a greater number of fluids.  The fluid body is sealed, so there is no exposure to ambient conditions enabling easy shutdown and cleanup.  These pneumatically operated spray guns require no electrical power.


  • standard- and high-flow models
  • low trigger resistance
  • fluid body is sealed

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