Hand-Held Tachometer


The new HT-4200 tachometer is small, thin, and lightweight, weighing less than 4-1/2oz., not only does it fit perfectly in your hand, it also easily slips into your shirt or pants pocket.  Incorporated in this compact tachometer is a large easy to read LCD display.

Measurement setup is as simple as applying a small piece of reflective tape marker or reflective paint to the surface of the object being measured. For operation, simply aim the HT-4200’s red light beam at the reflective marker and, an on-target indicator light will flash to let you know when you’re on target. The HT-4200’s light beam has a range of 12 inches, allowing measurements to be taken, both quickly and safe, and with an accuracy of 1 rpm.

The HT-4200 non-contact tachometer especially comes in handy when contact measurement is not possible due to access space restrictions, safety concerns,etc. High rpm can be measured (up to 50,000 rpm) and indicated on a very easy to read LCD display. The HT-4200 continually displays the updated rpm every second. The last measured value is automatically held in memory for one minute, for easy verification and / or recording the measurement.

Three AAA batteries provide 20 hours of continuous use. To ensure accurate measurements at all time, this tachometer warns the user when a battery replacement is required with a “LOW” mark is displayed. Built-in memory can hold up to ten data / readings which can be useful in tracking RPM . The last measurement value continues to be displayed for approximately 30 seconds even after the power has been switched off.


  • easy to read LCD display
  • light beam has a range of 12 inches
  • accuracy of 1 rpm
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