Hand Wheels


FEATURES: High-quality, modern-design Hand Wheel. Beautiful chrome-plated finish with a polished rim. These Hand Wheels are bored to the standard shaft diameter for their size, and are also tapped for a Solid or Revolving Handle.


SIZES: Available in six sizes — see Dimensions page for part numbers, and Size Comparison page for a group photo of all sizes:

 4" Diameter
 5" Diameter
 6" Diameter
 8" Diameter
 10" Diameter
 12" Diameter

Hand wheels up through 8" diameter have three spokes; sizes 10" and larger have five spokes. Sizes 8" and larger have a wavy inside rim for better gripping.

ACCESSORIES: Order Solid or Revolving Handle separately. To use without a handle, order matching handle plug for a nice, finished appearance.

MATERIAL: Cast iron, chrome plated.

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