HARDCORE™ Ultra High Performance Drills Cut Holemaking Costs By Up To 50%


ATI Stellram’s dual carbide HARDCORE™ Technology drills outrun ‘high performance’ drills by factors up to … • 4 times the tool life • 2 times the production speed • Half the cost per hole The secret is ATI Stellram’s patented dual carbide technology—the core carbide grade is resilient to handle the slower speed of the tool center, while the grade of the outer shell is wear resistant to match the higher speed of the tool’s cutting edges. In traditional solid carbide drills, the single grade design forces a compromise between performance and durability. As a result, the drillpoints have been prone to chipping, which is a critical factor in performance and tool life. With ATI Stellram’s HARDCORE Technology drills, there is no such compromise. HARDCORE Technology drills feature ... • High accuracy edge preparation for better hole quality • 140° point geometry produced to “zero” run out for reduced wear forces • Specially designed flute profile for best chip evacuation • TiAlN structure Nano coating for exceptional wear resistance and temperature diffusion
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