Select-Arc, Inc. has introduced two premium electrodes which offer welders the option of flat and horizontal or all position welding for demanding hardsurfacing applications. SelectWear 58 and SelectWear 58-GV deliver exceptional welding performance and As-Deposited Hardness in the 55-60 range. A martensitic alloy designed as a general purpose hardsurfacing wire, SelectWear 58 is available in gas-shielded or open-arc versions. It features high hardness with good balance between abrasion and impact resistance and is an excellent choice for components that are required to maintain a sharp edge. SelectWear 58-GV is a gas-shielded, all position, flux cored electrode with a specially formulated slag system to allow for easy use in vertical or overhead welding, with low spatter and fume. Both SelectWear 58 and SelectWear 58-GV are manufactured to handle critical hardsurfacing applications which include debarking knives, agricultural tillage tools, chisel plows, dredge components and earthmoving bucket lips.
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