Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms


Hardwall Modular CleanroomsOffer Unique Configurations for Space-Restricted, Obstacle-Laden Environments

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Clean Air Products introduces Series 582 Vertical Flow Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms. These prefabricated, easy-to-assemble cleanrooms are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials of construction and classifications to suit nearly any cleanroom application need. Series 582 cleanrooms comply with Class 100,000 to Class 10 operating conditions.

Room shape is not limited to squares and rectangles but can include jogs or steps in the walls to adjust to building supports or other obstacles in the available space. These modular units are available in unlimited lengths, widths to 34 feet and heights up to 15 feet. Options include motorized ceiling HEPA filters and ducted filter modules, and air conditioning for cooling and humidity control.

Modular wall panels fasten together to form a shell and a NEST-TIGHT grid system attaches to the shell to create the internal clean room ceiling. The NEST-TIGHT ceiling grid features unique interconnecting tee bars that provide strength to support filters, light fixtures and panels to comprise the clean room ceiling. The Series 582 uses a HEPA-N-SEAL negative pressure safety seal to ensure that no air leaks through the ceiling grid into the clean room.

Series 582 components are light enough for anyone to easily lift and assemble using internally mounted rotary clamps and fasteners. Parts are interchangeable and so easy to maneuver into place that customers may use their own employees to construct the unit or to disassemble it, store it and move it to another location.

Clean Air Products has been designing and manufacturing cleanroom systems and related products for more than 20 years. Their products feature rugged metal construction for dependable performance and long life. They provide custom modification services to create products and systems designed to satisfy specific application requirements.
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