Hazardous Areas get Durable Control Panels


CPX Series Control Panels are for use in hazardous areas classified as Zone 2/22. The high build quality and robust aluminum enclosures ensure reliability and durability in harsh environmental conditions. The range of formats includes 15-in. (4:3), 19-in. (5:4), and 21.5-in. (16:9 widescreen) versions. The CPX29xx, CPX39xx, CPX27xx, and CPX37xx series offer Control Panels for integration into control cabinets, as well as IP 65-rated standalone panels for mounting-arm installation.


Multi-touch Panel PCs
CPX27xxIntegrated version, Intel Atom
CPX37xxStand-alone version, Intel Atom
Multi-touch Control Panels
CPX29xxIntegrated version, DVI/USB Extended
CPX39xxStand-alone version, CP-Link 4
15-in. (4:3)
19-in. (5:4)
 21.5-in. (16:9 widescreen)










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