Heat Gun Has Adjustable Temperature and Air Flow for Precise Application Control


SYCAMORE, IL, April 9, 2008 – The IDEAL Heat Elite™ Plus heat gun from IDEAL incorporates an LCD digital terminal with adjustable controls for temperature and air volume to give contractors precise values when shrinking pipe, bending PVC, striping paint, or soldering wires.

Temperature can be adjusted in steps of 10° F (5° C) from 180° (82° C) to 1200° F (650° C), while the gun’s air volume is controlled in five +/- steps from minimum to maximum (7.0 to 17.5 cfm). Users can also select from a range of factory set temperature/air volume settings for specific applications, such as Welding, Forming or Drying, as well as an energy-saving Stand-By mode.

Featuring high-quality construction to meet the varied needs of professional contractors, the Heat Elite Plus assures safe usage with its double insulated power cords, non-slip handles, well-balanced weight distribution, and UL/CUL Listings.

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