Heat Spy® Portable Calibration Black Body


Wahl Instruments, Inc. is proud to announce the Wahl® Heat Spy Portable Calibration Black Body, an ambient temperature black body used for single point calibration verification and checking of Thermal Imaging Cameras and Point Infrared Thermometers. With an accuracy of ± .3°F (.2°C) over the entire range, it is the most reliable way to confirm the accuracy of your instruments in house and in the field. Housed in a watertight IP67 carrying case, the Portable Calibration Black Body is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. Simply turn on, point and compare readings, 365 days a year if you wish.  The result will confirm that your unit is within tolerance at ambient, and you can calculate the correction for zero error if needed. It provides all of your InfraRed instruments the traceability needed to maintain your quality control system, and avoids returning thermal imaging cameras and infrared thermometers for recalibration.  Just return your Calibration Black Body once a year to maintain your NIST traceability at a very low cost. This also allows you to keep the camera in your possession, and not miss a job due to processing time to recalibrate thermometers.
The Wahl Portable Calibration Black Body is shipped standard with NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration, and carries a two-year warranty on parts and labor.  It includes a user replaceable battery with a 3 year operational life.

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