Heatless Dryers, Purifiers and Condensate Drains


Quincy Compressor Inc., a leading manufacturer of reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors and an EnPro Industries (NYSE: NPO) company, releases a new line of compressed air system purifiers, condensate drains and high-tech modular desiccant air dryers to help industries comply with local environmental laws and produce high quality, clean and dry compressed air.
Compressed air is one of the most common and versatile utilities in use today. Raw compressed air, however, contains high concentrations of contaminated gasses, dirty water and various lubricants. If allowed to enter a compressed air distribution system, these pollutants will slow down production, ruin processes and damage air operated equipment. Some devices like aftercoolers, filters and some dryers produce a nasty brew of contaminate-laced condensate, which is considered a hazardous material and should be disposed of as such.
Quincy Condensate Purifiers use an environmentally responsible filtration process to remove condensate contaminates, like compressor lubricants including polyglycols, trapping them in a special filter cartridge that is lightweight and can be easily disposed of in accordance with local regulations. The replaceable cartridge system employs a carbon-free, oliophilic material in the purification process, and pre soaking is no longer necessary.
With energy costs at an all time high, it is becoming increasingly important to maximize system efficiencies. Compressed air users can start by replacing old, inefficient timer drains with Quincy energy-saving NO LOSS drains. Unlike standard drains that open whether condensate is present or not, the Q Mat no loss drains open only when, and for as long as, condensate is present. This allows the compressor(s) to run less often by not feeding leaks introduced by standard drains. Reduced energy consumption translates into real bottom-line savings while also helping to protect the environment.

Heatless Dryers, Purifiers and Condensate Drains Help Deliver Greener Operations, p. 2
Quincy Compressor’s Q Mod heatless desiccant dryers deliver clean, dry air to the point of use by filtering liquids and adsorbing water vapor from a compressed air stream. Air is initially directed through a 0.01 PPM polishing pre-filter, removing untreated compressed air full of liquids, aerosols and mists. The high-tech dryers offer:
• Compact footprint to save floor space
• A fit in lab or compressor room at the point of use
• Vertical or horizontal installation versatility
• NPT connections for easy installation and service access
• Floor mounting brackets for stability
• Wall mounting brackets availability
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