Heavy-Duty, All-Purpose Cart Performs for All Kinds of Industries


June 6, 2006 - There’s a lot of automation involved in material handling operations, yet sometimes it’s the simplest and most cost-effective way to move a load that is the best.

Take the all-new Starcart™ Indoor/Outdoor Model 20 (I/O 20) from Techstar Plastics Inc. This cart has no motors or fancy drives, yet it offers outstanding levels of efficiency, ergonomic comfort, maneuverability and durability - in the plant or warehouse and outside the building too. Starcart™ I/O 20 will perform flawlessly for many years in the toughest conditions, on the roughest surfaces, and still come back for more, with little or no maintenance required.

Starcart™ I/O 20 is the perfect economical handling aid for jobs requiring a single person to handle a load of up to 400 pounds. Its molded body has a level carrying capacity of 10 cubic feet - more, if product or material is piled up.

“We have applied the company’s 28 years of experience and the latest in rotomolding equipment and technology to design and produce Starcart™ I/O 20,” says Techstar president Bill Barnes. “We are proud of the result and are confident that users throughout North America will delight in using it.”

Rotomolded construction in linear LDPE assures true Techstar toughness and outstanding corrosion resistance to salt, chemicals, oil and just about all other substances. Being a non-toxic material, LDPE makes Starcart™ I/O 20 entirely safe for foodstuff and ingredients. In addition, the fact that it is easy to clean with a hose and standard detergent makes it ideal for multiple applications.

The 20-inch (500 mm) semi-pneumatic wheels are fitted with ball bearings to assure smooth carriage for the toughest loads. Indoors, the wheels will roll effortlessly over uneven floors and through workshop debris. Outdoors, the wheels take gravel, grass and even snow in their stride.

“Starcart™ I/O 20 is so much more robust and easy to use compared with existing carts,” Mr. Barnes says. “Starcart™ I/O 20 is much more flexible too, since the user has the option to use it for pulling or pushing loads. As well, its sloping front makes it easy to discharge loads, particularly since the surface texture is so smooth as to prevent any material hang-ups, plus you have no sharp edges or corners to worry about.”

Overall dimensions of Starcart™ I/O 20 are 63 inches long by 31.5 inches wide by 27 inches deep. It has a zinc plated ¾-inch axle and comes in an aesthetically pleasing sandstone color. For all its strength and durability, Starcart™ I/O 20 weighs just 65 pounds, for easy shipping and handling.
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