Heavy-Duty Form-A-Funnel® for Large Diesels and Heavy Equipment


New Pig Corporation has introduced the Heavy Duty Form-A-Funnel  Draining Tool —the only flexible tool for guiding oil from large vehicles and heavy equipment into oil drains for easy, no-mess oil changes. This unique tool bends easily to fit into tight spaces, holds any shape, and is wide enough to catch every drip. Edges can be molded around large filters and drains to create a leakproof seal.

Constructed of a moldable aluminum alloy core encapsulated in thick and pliable nitrile rubber, the versatile tool is completely impervious to automotive fluids and chemicals and unaffected by temperatures up to 425 degrees. The Heavy Duty Form-A-Funnel  can be easily shaped to channel hard-to-drain liquids straight into the drain, keeping oil and other fluids off of users, their vehicles and their shop’s floor. To clean after use, simply spray with any cleaner or degreaser and wipe away dirt or oil. When not in use, the Form-A-Funnel  can be stored flat or rolled to take along in a tool box or glove compartment.

At 22" x 8.6", the heavy duty funnel is ideal for the large oil filters and gallons of oil encountered in servicing not only large diesel trucks and heavy equipment, but also generators, backhoes, agriculture equipment, ship engines and emergency compressors.


  • easy, no-mess oil changes
  • bends easily to fit into tight spaces
  • holds any shape
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