Heavy-Duty Pump Gets Enhanced


The Abaque Series Peristaltic (Hose) Pumps have been redesigned with a new hose connection, a redesigned pump rotor, and a new oval viewing window. The new hose connection improves the clamping system which reduces the parts needed to replace a hose. 

The Abaque Series achieves its pumping action by compressing a circular loop of elastomeric hose with two diametrically opposed rotating shoes. The rotational motion ensures suction and priming, creating a strong vacuum, pulling more fluid inside. This pump has increased reliability and can handle extremely abrasive and aggressive fluids. 



  • allows higher discharge pressure up to 217 psi (15 bar)
  • suction-lift capabilities to 25.5 feet (9 meters)
  • available in 9 different sizes; flow rates ranging from 0.13 to 48.3 m3/h (0.59 to 212.64 gpm)


Features and Benefits


  • seal-free design that eliminates leaks and product contamination
  • self-priming pumps can run in forward or reverse
  • can run dry without adversely affecting performance, pressure, and accuracy
  • available in ductile iron and stainless steel
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