Heavy Duty Safety Light Curtains Built Tough to Protect


The Keyence SL-CHM Safety Light Curtain Series possesses a rugged IP-65 rating, allowing it to work well in harsh environments.  The sensor itself is surrounded and protected by an aluminum frame with a minimum wall thickness of 4mm (0.16”).  An air gap between the sensor and the inner wall of the rigid frame helps reduce impacts that would normally be transferred straight to the curtain.  The rugged construction of the SL-CHM eliminates the need to spend time and money on in-house enclosures and guards.

Each circuit and output is internally monitored for added protection.  The entire circuit is checked every 15 ms to send a stop signal immediately in the event of an error.  
The SL-CHM contains a built-in bar of 8 red LEDs that indicate different error sources, helping to significantly reduce troubleshooting time.  

Curtain lengths varying from 257mm (10.12”) all the way up to 1941mm (76.42”) are available to fit your needs.  There are optional rigid 4mm (0.16”) brackets available for the SL-CHM which can help prevent beam axes from moving out of place if bumped into when all 4 points are firmly bolted.  The beam axis can be adjusted in ±25 degrees by simply loosening the bolts, which saves additional maintenance time.

An interference suppression cable can be used to prevent crosstalk when several light curtains are positioned in close proximity.  Both PNP/NPN outputs are available to satisfy universal requirements.


• NEW! SL-CHM Heavy Duty Type • Operation range up to 9m • Optical axis pitch of 20 mm • Water-resistant IP-65 housing • Built-in LED indicators simplify alignment
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