Heavy-Duty Swinging Door


The ability to move products quickly and efficiently through a warehouse is a key ingredient in a company’s success. Over time, excessive workflow can damage a building’s infrastructure, especially its doors and passageways. To accommodate these workflows, TMI, LLC has developed its most rugged and durable swinging door ever, the Mega-Pro Heavy Duty (HD).  

The new Mega-Pro HD is designed to handle the heaviest levels of forklift and mechanized traffic, while effectively separating a building’s environments and controlling temperatures, without impeding traffic flow.  The Mega-Pro HD door combines the toughness and durability of an impact door with the flexibility and ease-of-use found in a swinging door. It designed for use in large warehouses, storage facilities and other areas with constant workflow and high-impact traffic. The Mega-Pro HD is loaded with features that make it the ideal solution for facilities requiring a sturdy, reliable door. 

 The Mega-Pro can be used in doorways up to 10 feet wide and 10 feet high and features heavy-duty galvanized steel hardware that attaches to crystal-clear, 3/8 inch-thick industrial-grade PVC that is available in both regular and low temperature grades.  A spring-loaded design ensures that the door opens and closes consistently and all door components are housed within a heavy-duty frame that prevents the infiltration of dust, debris and other contaminants. In addition to effectively separating temperatures and managing environments, the Mega-Pro HD can reduce decibel ratings up to 35 dBA, creating a safer, more OSHA compliant workplace. Optional impact plates provide even greater levels of durability. A cost effective alternative to high-speed roll-up doors and opaque swinging-doors, the translucent Mega-Pro HD provides a solid return on investment through increased energy savings, improved workflow and a low cost of maintenance.


  • used in doorways up to 10 feet wide and 10 feet high
  • heavy-duty galvanized steel hardware
  • reduce decibel ratings up to 35 dBA

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