Heavy Duty Vacuum Features Automatic Filter Cleaning


Metabo Corporation now offers a heavy duty vacuum featuring automatic electromagnetic vibration filter cleaning keeping the vacuum at near peak performance without having to open the unit to clean the filters.  The new ASR 2050, ideal for vacuuming dust and solid particles as well as non-flammable fluids, features a suction power regulator that protects the electrical circuit from overloading and tripping circuit breakers or blowing fuses when used with an attached power tool.


The ASR 2050 quiet operation vacuum can be used in conjunction with standard dustless concrete grinding systems, such as Metabo's 5" and 7" kits, to ensure safety and protection against harmful debris.  A power takeoff enables the use of a power tool directly attached to the vacuum eliminating the need for an extension cord, and allowing the vacuum to start automatically when the tool is turned on.


The vacuum's stable design includes extra large rear wheels and industrial front swivel canisters. The ASR 2050 comes with a 1-1/2" x 14-ft suction hose, an adaptor that fits Metabo's dustless accessories, a transport handle, a vacuum wand and crevice and floor tools as well as a PE (polyethylene) collection bag and two easy-change pleated polyester filters. An optional HEPA filter is available to meet more stringent regulations like the EPA RRP rules for lead based paint cleanup.   


The ASR 2050 produces an airflow rate of 130 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and a maximum vacuum pressure of 248 mBar (milibar) for maximum suction.  It has a total filter surface of 1,333 square inches and a 13-gallon capacity that allows for long intervals between unit cleanings.


The vacuum weighs 39 lbs and has 1,200 watts of power.  The ASR 2050 runs for seven seconds to clear its hose of any debris before shutting down to prevent clogs.  Optional paper dust bags are also available.

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