helical, hydraulic rotary actuators


Helac Corporation, a manufacturer of helical, hydraulic rotary actuators used as component parts by OEMs worldwide, announced the expansion of the T20 Series product line. The T20 Series, an improved, high performance replacement solution for Helac’s HS Series rotary actuators, features a splined output shaft that is supported by internal tapered roller bearings. An ideal product for applications where torque generation or higher frequency cycling are primary requirements, the T20 Series can carry substantial radial, moment and axial loads without additional external bearings while, at the same time, facilitating smooth operation and low breakaway pressures. However, when loads are supported by external bearings, the T20 Series is still an optimum solution. The T20 Series offers a unique combination of features not found in alternative rotary positioning devices: • High torque output and load holding – One-piece, through shaft permits equal driving torque at both ends of the shaft; holding torque is more than 2.1 times the rated torque capacity • Substantial load-carrying capacity – Internal tapered roller bearings support loads without additional external bearings • Mounting flexibility – The central through shaft extends the full length of the housing and terminates in dual, external, straight spline drive shaft extensions; the housing incorporates blind, drilled and tapped feet • Exceptional resilience to shock loads – Helac’s sliding spline operating technology distributes loads equally over all gear teeth •Zero external and internal bypass leakage – Sealing occurs against smooth cylindrical surfaces, effectively eliminating all leakage while maintaining selected positions without drift • Corrosion resistance – Exclusion seals minimize ingress of contaminants; greaseable spline adaptors can be provided to further enhance corrosion resistance • Equal displacement – Equal speed and torque is generated in both rotational directions The T20 Series is available in three sizes with torque output ranging from 25,000 to 60,000 in-lb at 3,000 psi (2,825 to 6,780 Nm at 210 bar). The T20-25 and T20-45 feature 220 degrees standard rotation. The T20-60 offers 200 degrees of standard rotation. Custom engineered designs can be provided to meet special OEM application requirements.


• Maximum Thrust Capacity - 4,500 lb (2,040 kg) • Displacement – 47.3 in3 (775 cm3) • Weight (Wet ) - 74 lb (33.6 kg)
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