Helio-Scope Measures Turned Parts, Without Contact At High Speeds


The Helio-Scope from Mahr is a universal optical measuring system designed to facilitate precision control of complex turned parts. Able to operate both in the lab and on the shop floor, Helio-Scope allows the measurement of many characteristics on turned parts in seconds and without contact. A fully automatic measuring sequence eliminates operator influence from measurement results, and a graphic interface simplifies instrument use. Introduced as a result of the acquisition of Helios Messtechnik by the Mahr Group in early 2006, the Mahr Helio-Scope is the first of what are expected to be a number of synergies resulting from the merger of the two companies. Mahr Helios brings to the Mahr Group its excellent reputation and many years of experience in the fields of optical (non-contact) and tactical (contact) shaft measurement. The Mahr Helio-Scope can measure parts up to 750 mm (29.5 in) in length and 120 mm (4.7 in) in diameter, and up to 30 Kg (66 lb) in weight. The system incorporates a telecentric precision optical system with a high resolution CCD camera and can resolve lengths and diameters up to 0.0001 mm and angles up to 0.0001 degrees. A wide range of characteristics can be measured, including lengths, intersections, run-out, roundness, part axis, pitch, diameters, radius, coaxiality, concentricity, taper length, radius center, and widths of recesses or chamfers. A zoom function allows the measurement of small details such as bevels or small recesses which are often nearly impossible to measure with traditional systems. Operation of the Mahr Helio-Scope is via an automatic sequence which is controlled through an easy-to-use graphical interface. Characteristics to be measured are indicated, and nominal values and tolerances entered and saved as a quality control plan. The part is mounted vertically between centers or special fixtures, and once measurement is initiated, a CCD camera located on a measuring carriage scans the part, acquiring millions of points every second. Results are displayed on the screen within seconds and can be stored or printed out. Measurement printout can also be easily customized to meet customer requirements.
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