Hi-Speed Multi-Media Switch Integrates USB and Audio Switching Capability


Fairchild Semiconductor's (NYSE: FCS) highly integrated multi-media switches offer an industry-leading combination of features, performance and packaging for a range of portable applications. The FSA201 and FSA221 integrate both USB and negative swing (low-distortion) audio switching functionality into a single package. This integration enables portable applications to handle either USB or audio signals via one connector and helps designers eliminate the need for additional components. These compact double pole/double throw (DPDT) analog switches are especially well suited for use in popular electronic products that demand high functionality in a limited space. Typical applications include cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, notebooks, LCD monitors and set-top boxes. "Fairchild's new multi-media switches tie directly to the trend in the portable market of adding more functionality into applications of the same size or even smaller," says Patty Miske, switch marketing manager for Fairchild's Analog Products Group. "For example, when used in applications like cell phones, a multi-media switch allows the phone to conveniently connect to either a headset or to a laptop using a common connector. Our new FSA221 switch is ideal for this application since it integrates both Hi-Speed USB and audio switching capability into an extremely small UMLP, while also offering best-in-class performance." Offering the market's widest negative-swing capability (-2.0V), Fairchild's FSA201 and FSA221 switches improve system performance by enhancing signal quality, while reducing current consumption and extending battery life due to their very low on-resistance (RON=3Ohms). Additionally, their high (10kV) ESD protection enhances system reliability. For board space savings, the FSA201 USB 1.1 Full Speed (12Mbps) device is available in a 1.6mm x 2.1mm MicroPak™, one of the smallest packages on the market. The FSA221 USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480Mbps) device is also available in a UMLP (ultra-thin molded leadless package). Measuring only 1.4mm x 1.8mm x 0.55mm, this remarkably compact package is 25% smaller than a MicroPak. Additional system benefits of the FSA201 (FS) and FSA221 (HS) include: Automatic Vbus detection to easily find the USB signal upon plug-in of the application; User-override of Vbus detection; Built in power-off protection to conserve energy; and Wide bandwidth (FSA221 >720MHZ and FSA201 >250MHz, -3dB)) to ensure signal fidelity by minimizing edge and phase distortion. The FSA201 and FSA221 are lead (Pb)-free devices that meet or exceed the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020C and are compliant with European Union regulations now in effect.


• HS-USB: 4 Typical On Resistance • HS-USB: 4.5pF Typical On Capacitance • Audio: 3 Typical On Resistance • -3db Bandwidth: > 720MHz • Low Power Consumption • Power-off Protection on Common D+/R, D-/L Ports • Automatically Detects Vbus for Switch Path Selection
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