High-Accuracy Regulators


To meet the demands of a changing industry, the new DR-2 Series miniature regulator design packs greater accuracy and repeatability and the same optimal flow and performance characteristics as the MAR regulator in a sleek, durable package.


The new system is available in either relieving or non-relieving versions. The relieving design maintains a constant pressure output even when downstream conditions change, and can accommodate compatible water, oil, or air applications. The non-relieving option, for air applications, is built with no vent to the atmosphere, and so does not compensate for changes in downstream flow or pressure.


The DR-2 Series boasts repeatability of ±0.15 psi and features  electroless nickel-plated brass bodies, FKM seals, and stainless steel adjustment screws and springs.



  • Medium Air, Water* or Oil*
  • Input Pressure 300 psig max.
  • Repeatability ± 0.15 psi
  • Set Point Sensitivity 0.1 psi
  • Set Point Stability 0.1 psi
  • Temperature Range 32 to 230°F
  • Mounting #15/32-32 thread. Nuts and lockwashers furnished
  • Material Electroless nickel plated brass body, FKM seals, PFPE lube, stainless steel adjustment screw and spring
  • Adjustment: An extended 0.25” shaft accepts an adjustment knob, or furnished with an exposed screwdriver slot with micro-adjustment (32 pitch thread).
  • Knobs ordered separately (#AK4-A)
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