High-Accuracy Temperature/Humidity Logger


Hart Scientific, a division of Fluke Corporation and the world leader in temperature calibration products and services, announces the new Hart Scientific 1620A paperless temperature and humidity data logger with wireless, Ethernet, and RS-232 communications. Designed to facilitate the electronic management of environmental temperature and humidity data, this thermo-hygrometer is intended for environmental monitoring in critical locations such as calibration and research labs, pharmaceutical and chemical storage areas, and many medical environments. The Model 1620A – the “DewK” – accepts inputs from up to two sensors, which may be mounted directly on the unit or remotely (up to 30 meters away). The DewK allows sensor hot-swapping and each sensor contains its own calibration data to prevent down time during calibration service. The 1620A comes with a NVLAP-accredited calibration. Two sensor models are available. The “H” model reads temperature to ± 0.125 °C over its calibrated range of 16 °C to 24 °C. It measures humidity to ± 1.5 % RH from 20 % to 70 % RH. The “S” model reads temperature to ± 0.25 °C over its calibrated range of 15 °C to 35 °C. It records humidity to ± 2 % RH from 20 % to 70 % RH. In addition to on-board memory which stores up to 400,000 date and time-stamped measurements, data collected by the Hart Scientific 1620 may also be sent directly to a PC in real time using the serial port, Ethernet, or optionally using 802.15.4 wireless communication. By adding Hart Scientific’s LogWare III software, you can simultaneously monitor an unlimited number of instruments. The Windows-based software enables statistical and graphical analysis of real-time or previously recorded data, and can send emails to PDAs, pagers, and cell phones when triggered by user-defined events. Prices for the DewK range from $1,595 to $1,845 depending on the sensor type selected (“S” or “H”). LogWare III is $695 for a single PC license. Deliveries are two weeks A.R.O. Fluke’s Hart Scientific Division designs, manufactures, and markets temperature and humidity measurement and calibration equipment. The Hart Scientific product line includes primary standards, thermometer readouts and probes, temperature baths, industrial calibrators, humidity chambers, humidity readouts, and software. Primary and secondary laboratories, as well as a growing number of manufacturing companies who rely on precise temperature controls for manufacturing processes, use the equipment. These industries include pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, semiconductor, aerospace, food products and others.
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