Leviton’s OSFHU High-Bay Occupancy Sensor has been enhanced to provide real-time occupancy detection and light switching capabilities for a wider range of environments with the addition of three interchangeable lenses that are ideal for high-bay, low-bay, and aisle-way applications. Designed for high-mounted areas, the OSFHU self-contained sensor conveniently installs to industrial fluorescent luminaires or electrical junction boxes to automatically switch fixtures ON when occupancy is detected and OFF when the room is no longer occupied.

The OSFHU uses passive infrared detection technology, which compares the infrared energy from an object in motion to that of a background space. The sensor’s microprocessor-based digital architecture minimizes false triggering from environmental conditions such as wind and other sources of air movement. The sensor’s integrated green LED provides visual confirmation of occupancy detection. The OSFHU uses line-voltage; its relay uses zero-crossing circuitry to provide reliable, long-life operation.

Interchangeable lenses on the OSFHU accommodate 360° high-bay general areas, 360° low-bay general areas and aisle-way patterns with reliable coverage at mounting heights of up to 40 feet. The 360° high-bay PIR lens provides a 2:1 spacing-to-mounting height cover¬age under 25-foot mounting heights and a 1.5:1 coverage for up to 40-foot mounting heights. The 360° low-bay lens provides a 2:1 spacing-to-mounting height coverage for a 15-foot to 25-foot mounting height, and the aisle lens provides detection of areas 60 feet long by 20 feet wide at mounting heights of up to 40 feet. Each of the sensor’s lenses is easily interchanged by rotating it 90° and popping it in or out.

The OSFHU is ideal for application environments such as warehouses, manufacturing plants and other facilities with high ceilings. The OSFHU High-Bay Occupancy Sensor is part of Leviton’s integrated energy management offering, which includes Leviton occupancy sensors, Z-MAX™ relay control panels, the miniZ™ daylight harvesting system, box-mounted timers and dimmers, as well as architectural lighting control systems for building-wide lighting management. The device is available in cold storage versions for use in temperatures as low as -40° F in both the basic model and in a 480V rating.

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