High Capacity Coriolis Flowmeters


Emerson Process Management has expanded its range of Micro Motion ELITE® High Capacity Coriolis flowmeters with the introduction of a large line size version with 16 inch (400 millimeter) process connections. This ELITE High Capacity Coriolis meter addresses the need for high accuracy, large line size measuring instruments and provides a high technology option for applications that have historically used mechanical/volumetric devices. 

Emerson’s ELITE High Capacity line is the most comprehensive high flow rate Coriolis meter offering in the industry today.  With the widest breadth and most flexible offering for any large line size application, ELITE High Capacity Coriolis meters are installed and operating in a wide range of applications throughout the world. The introduction of the 16 inch version expands the scope of Micro Motion High Capacity Coriolis flowmeters to many more challenging applications including oil and gas pipelines, refinery oil movement and storage, specialty chemicals, and marine bunkering. Emerson’s highly accurate ELITE Coriolis product offers the flexibility to measure a wide variety of fluids. Ideally suited for difficult applications, the unique design delivers  unparalleled measurement sensitivity and stability while delivering consistent, reliable performance over the widest flow range. Options include Super Duplex stainless steel for corrosion resistance and high chloride/high pressure applications, and 316L SS for high temperature and standard applications.

The ELITE High Capacity meter is also a critical component of the Micro Motion MID-Certified Bunkering System, the first globally certified, mass-based measurement system for marine bunkering onboard barges and vessels. The ELITE High Capacity Coriolis product line includes ten sensor models covering 6-16 inch (150-400 millimeter) line sizes. They have flow rates up to 120,000 pounds/minute (3,266,000 kilograms/hour) and density accuracies of ± 0.0005 grams per cubic centimeter. The compact design means that the new 16 inch version needs just 52 inches (1300 millimeters) between mounting flanges and, depending on the flow conditions and process fluid properties, ELITE High Capacity Coriolis meters can be mounted in any orientation. They have a wide temperature range of -400°F to 392°F (-240ºC to 200ºC), with the optional high temperature version extending this range to 662°F (350ºC). With no moving parts, Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters are not subject to wear or measurement drift associated with the mechanical components of positive displacement (PD) or turbine meters. Micro Motion ELITE High Capacity meters also offer two-phase flow capability for batching, loading, and entrained air applications. The meter’s density performance enables even small changes in density to be detected in pipeline distribution applications. 


  • measure a wide variety of fluids
  • models covering 6-16 inch (150-400 millimeter) line sizes

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