High-current DIN rail connectors for safe connections


Phoenix Contact’s new high-current connectors use ring lug/bolt connection technology to ensure a safe and secure termination.  HV connectors are available in a wide range of bolt sizes and allow multi-conductor connection. The connectors feature an integrated spring lock washer that prevents hexagonal nuts from loosening. Both single and double volt versions are available, with bolts ranging in size from 13 mm to 16 mm. The connectors are certified to U.S. standards under CSA International for 1000 V with a range of electrical current ratings from 50 A to 240 A.

Two and three-position connection rails are available for power distribution. Configurable partition plates with feed-through windows allow easy mounting of connection bars.  Other accessories include touch-safe covers, rugged end brackets and ZB or UC markers. 

The HV series supports switchgear and control applications across a wide variety of industries, including the railroad, power and utility markets. 


• Number of levels 1 • Number of connections 1 • Color gray • Insulating material PA-GF • Inflammability class acc. to UL 94 V0 • Length 43.5 mm • Width 24.5 mm • Height NS 35/7,5 59 mm • Height NS 35/15 66.5 mm • Rated surge voltage 8 kV • Pollution degree 3 • Surge voltage category III • Insulating material group II • Connection in acc. with standard IEC 60947-7-1 • Nominal current IN 232 A • Nominal voltage UN 1250 V • Conductor cross section solid min. 2.5 mm² • Conductor cross section solid max. 95 mm² • Conductor cross section stranded min. 2.5 mm² • Conductor cross section stranded max. 95 mm² • Conductor cross section AWG/kcmil min. 14 • Conductor cross section AWG/kcmil max 3/0 • Type of connection Screw connection • Screw thread M8 • Bolt diameter 8 mm • Tightening torque, min 6 Nm • Tightening torque max 15 Nm
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