Heyco Products, Inc., an industry leader in the design and manufacture of precision-molded wire-protection products and stamped metal electrical components, introduces ERTB Terminal Blocks for all high current draw and aluminum wire applications. New Product Introduction: ERTB Terminal Blocks — for OEM line-voltage power transmission to various electrical equipment. Design & Engineering: Heyco Products In-House Product Design & Engineering Team. Manufacturer: Heyco Products, Inc. Product Applications: Small footprint, three-pole ERTB Terminal Blocks provide secure, reliable points of connection and transmission for incoming power line service to electrical equipment of many kinds. ERTB is especially suited for high-capacity standard copper listed or new UL-aluminum wire connections in consumer or commercial appliances, such as electric ranges, washers and dryers; electric water heaters, heat pumps, power generators, HVAC equipment, machinery, and other applications that require high-current copper or aluminum wire hookups. Product Description: ERTB Terminal Blocks are compact, sturdy post-to-clamp style unitized blocks that mount to any cabinet or housing attachment point. Each of these electrical poles has a protective strip under each tightening screw that does not pierce either copper-wire strands or softer aluminum wire, holding both equally tight. Where aluminum wire is used, it needs minimal torque at installation, to remain secure without working loose from current-induced expansion and contraction. Each low-profile terminal block has a single row, three-wire pole design that accommodates line voltage on one or two poles, handling neutral and ground wires on the one or two remaining poles. Poles accept 6-4 AWG aluminum wire, or 10-6 AWG copper stranded wire rated to 300 volts, 60 amps. Low installation torqueing for “hot” leads allows reliable connections to be made quickly, easily, and resist loosening during operation. A solid-copper grounding strap on the center pole assures safety. Construction & Finishes: ERTB Terminal Blocks are molded in Heyco’s own state-of-the-art U.S. plant of impact-resistant polycarbonate with a flammability classification of 94V-O and a temperature rating of 125° Celsius. ERTB Terminal Blocks are UL recognized under component file #E235481, and certified by the Canadian Standards Association, File #LR-8919.


Flammability 94V-0 Certifications Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters' Laboratories File E235481 Certified by the Canadian Standards Association File 91824 Temperature 257°F (125°C)
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