High Definition Infrared Camera With Superior Image Resolution & Temperature Measurement


FLIR Systems, Inc., the global leader in infrared cameras and technology is pleased to announce their industry leading professional-grade ThermaCAMÒ P640 thermal imaging camera. The P640 is ideal for professional thermographers, infrared consultants, those working in the utility industry, or anyone needing to view small or distant targets with better thermal image detail and temperature measurement accuracy. The new high definition 640 x 480 detector in the P640 delivers 307,200 pixels versus 76,800 in an IR camera with a 320 x 240 detector. That’s 4 times better resolution (16 times better than an infrared camera with a 160x120 detector)! This can make the difference between seeing –or not seeing – if a thermal anomaly even exists, especially if you’re looking at small or distant targets. The P640’s superior image quality also allows the professional thermographer to see much more image detail to help truly pinpoint or diagnose the nature of a problem. More pixels mean greater temperature measurement accuracy. To the professional thermographer, this means clear, practical benefits, and a strong competitive advantage. The P640 is packed with advanced, yet user friendly features to help capture the highest quality thermal images. Completely new interchangeable lenses have been developed that further enhance the camera’s ability to capture distant targets in high detail or view close up targets with a wide field of view. An 8-to-1 continuous digital zoom allows the user to take full advantage of the camera’s high definition image to pinpoint problems and understand their origin. The new camera also includes an interchangeable 1.3 megapixel visual camera, a large, swivel-mount, 5.6” color LCD, tilt-able viewfinder and a 3 hour battery, all in a rugged lightweight magnesium package that weighs less than cameras with a fraction of the resolution and performance features.


• Field of view (FOV) / Minimum focus distanc - 24° × 18° / 0.3 m • Spatial resolution (IFOV) - 0.65 mrad • Thermal sensitivity / NETD - 30 mK @ +30°C • Image frequency - 30 Hz • Focus - Automatic or manual (electric or on the lens) • IR resolution - 640 × 480 pixels • Temperature range - –40°C to +500°C • Accuracy - ±2°C or ±2% of reading • Operating temperature range - –15°C to +50°C • Storage temperature range - –15°C to +50°C • Humidity (operating and storage - –40°C to +70°C • Humidity (operating and storage) - IEC 68-2-30/24 h 95% relative humidity +25°C to +40°C • Camera weight, incl. lens and battery - 1.8 kg • Cameras size, incl. lens - (L × W × H) 324 × 144 × 147 mm • Tripod mounting UNC - ¼"-20
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