High Flex Camera Link® Cable Assemblies


Cicoil, the world’s exclusive provider of silicone jacketed, high-flex flat cables, has introduced a line of Camera Link® cable assemblies or industrial motion video and frame grabber applications. he Camera Link® Standard is a set of electrical requirements that cables must meet to be used in a Camera Link® system. Cicoil’s new high-flex flat cable assemblies meet or exceed each of the specifications of the Camera Link® standard. Additionally, Cicoil’s Camera Link® flat cable assemblies deliver exceptionally long life of at least 10 million flex cycles, with a space-saving 50mm bend radius providing unsurpassed flexibility for moving video applications. Cicoil manufactures Camera Link® cable assemblies to any length for custom fitting. Cicoil’s Camera Link® cable is made with the company’s exclusive extrusion process that encapsulates 11 parallel twinax conductors in crystal clear silicone, forming a flat cable less than 3/16-inch thick. The one-piece silicone jacket is extremely durable, flexible, and water-proof. Each twinax conductor features ultraflex, finely stranded wires, with dual shielding for optimum signal quality and speed. The cable measures 1.5” wide x 0.164” thick, with the length specified by the customer. Standard assemblies are finished with metal EMI/ESD protective connectors with quick-release latches. Plastic shells are also available. 


• Electrical • Voltage Rating: 30 V • Current Rating: 1 A • Insulation Resistance: >1 X 180 Ω @ 100Vdc • Withstanding Voltage: 350 VRMS for 1 minute • Individually Shielded Twisted Pairs Characteristic Impedance: 100 ± 10 Ω • Conductor Size: 28 AWG Stranded • Propagation Velocity: 1.25 ns/ft (4.1 ns/m) • Skew (within pair): 50 px/meter, max. • Skew (channel skew per chipset): 50 ps/meter, max. • Environmental • Temperature Rating: Metal Connectors: -55°C to +105°C, Plastic -20°C to +85°C • Acid Resistance: Good • Ozone Resistance: Outstanding • Oil Resistance: Good • Flame Resistance: Good • Water/Steam Resistance: Excellent (including salt and DIW) • Alcohol Resistance: Good • Toxins: Halogen-free • Mechanical • Minimum Bend Radius: 2" (flexing applications) • Life Expectancy: 10,000,000 cycles, min. (Continuous flexing applications) • Approvals • UL Recognized—File #E324413, CE
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