High Flow MCS Series(TM) Mechanically Cleaned Strainer


Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation today announced availability of its new MCS Series(TM) magnetically coupled, mechanically cleaned strainer. The new strainer is engineered to help conserve valuable process fluids in high flow filtration of fresh water and water-like liquids while protecting costly upstream and downstream process equipment from debris. Featuring fast cleaning, magnetically coupled actuation, the MCS Series(TM) patented strainer design offers minimal purge volumes in industrial fresh water applications and saves on the cost of make up liquids, chemical treatment, and heating energy. This unique design also offers an optimized configuration that helps improve process uptime, reduces costly maintenance and downtime, and eliminates the need for cover thru-holes and associated seals.

The MCS Series(TM) handles flow rates from 500 gallons per minute up to 12,000 gallons per minute, is designed for easy in-line installation, offers continuous 24/7 operation, is eco-friendly (no bags to purchase, change or landfill), and is available in optional ASME Code and CRN designs.
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