High-Magnification Zoom Lens System


ROCHESTER, NEW YORK — Navitar offers precision high magnification zoom lenses that are ideal for a variety of automated imaging and inspection applications. The Zoom 6000 lens series provides high magnification, high resolution images that are suitable for the most advanced image processing vision systems.

The parfocal optical system of the Zoom 6000 has a 6.5:1 zoom ratio and total optical zoom range of 0.09X to 393X (based on adapters and attachments used). The long working distance can be varied from 34 mm (1.3”) to 390 mm (15.4”) and the achievable field of view can be varied from 0.01 mm to 125.68 mm. The Zoom 6000 can be used with C or F-mount cameras and is available in manual, motorized, or detented versions for calibrated repeatability. A variety of illumination options are available including differential interference contrast (DIC), simple polarization, and fluorescence illumination techniques.

Bill Bridson, Director of Product Development with Navitar, comments, “The quality and versatility of the Zoom 6000 makes it an ideal component for highly sophisticated automated imaging systems now used in the biomedical sciences market and newly designed inspection systems.”

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