High output voltage power converters


Schaefer, Inc., a manufacturer of robust and reliable power supplies, announces the C4500HV Series of high output voltage power converters.   The C4500HV Series can accept high input voltages of up to 3000VDC.   The converter provides high output voltages and is ideal for applications that require reliable power for remote locations.
The Series’ robust design, using industrial grade components, yields a
highly efficient, space-saving 6U solution for even the most extreme

The C4500HV Series is based upon Schaefer’s C/B4500 Series, which
offers an extensive lineup of over 150 standard models.  Standard DC
input voltage options span a range from 10VDC to 800VDC.  AC input
models offer either 1-Phase or 3-Phase options as well as battery
charging models. Single output voltages encompass a range from 9VDC to
400VDC, all of which are adjustable and fully regulated to 0.2% or
better (load) and 0.1% (line).

Remote sense capability and comprehensive protection circuitry is
inherent in the design, with efficiencies up to 90%.  Operating
temperature is  -20C to +75C, with    -40C to +75C as an option.
Additional options include parallel / redundant operation, further
mechanical ruggedization, inhibit, Power-OK / DC-OK alarms, and system


• DC input: 10 - 800 V • AC input: 1 or 3-phase, 47 - 400 Hz • DC output: 5 / … / 400 V
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