High performance CPU options


Thanks to the growth in PC-based control and the growing need for increased processing power, Phoenix Contact is introducing new high performance CPU options and additional screen size choices for their industrial PC product line. A completely new slot-based CPU allows for the use of the latest high-performance Celeron M and Pentium M processors. These CPUs offer more processing power and 24 times the video memory than before. To enable the display of complex graphics in an easy to read screen resolution, new 17” and 19” color, TFT touch screen sizes have been added to the already available 12” and 15” screen sizes. In addition two standard Ethernet port as well as side and front USB ports allow for flexible connectivity and communication options. Phoenix Contact industrial PCs always offered rugged all metal construction and are designed for demanding industrial applications in high EMI noise environments. Advantages of the new CPU choices include more than 60% reduced power consumption when compared to a Pentium 4 CPU and increased system reliability since a CPU fan is no longer needed. When combined with fieldbus interface boards and the Steeplechase VLC control software these PCs enable Phoenix Contact to offer a complete control solution for all modern automation systems. The introduction of this new technology offers more power and reliability at a lower price to our customers.
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