High Performance Digital Indicator


RKC Instrument announces the new AG500 microprocessor-based digital indicator in a panel saving 60mm depth 1/8 DIN case. The 21mm high LED readout has a luminance double that of conventional indicators and the easy-to-read five digit display. The options available for the AG500 include universal input types, up to six programmable alarms, analog retransmission, digital input, 12 or 24 V DC sensor power supply and RS-485 or MODBUS-RTU communications. With digital communications, the indicator can be used in conjunction with a PC or PLC; with the analog retransmission output, it can be used with a chart recorder or data acquisition system. In addition to the process high and low alarms, alarming standards of the AG500 include a latch function, an alarm timer delay, and hold action. The alarm status can be checked easily with alternate displays of process value (PV) and alarm number. The AG500 memorizes the maximum and minimum measured values. An optional contact input enables you to remotely reset the value. Each unit carries a full three-year warranty. Suitable applications include plastics and packaging machines, ovens, furnaces, kilns, textile dyeing, food baking, petro chemical, semiconductor, test stands, environmental chambers and other heater processes.


• Input type - Temperatue, DC Current, DC Low Voltage Group • Measuring accuracy - Less than 200°C : ±0.2°C More than 200°C : ±(0.1% of reading + 1digit) • Cold junction temperature compensation error - ±1.0°C (Between 5 and 40°C) ±1.5°C (Between -10 and 5°C, Between 40 and 50°C) • Sampling time - 0.25 sec • Input impedance - DC High voltage : Approx 1M • Sensor current - Approx 250A (RTD input) • Influence of external resistance - Approx 0.2V/ (Thermocouple input) • Influence of lead resistance - Approx 0.01%/ of Reading (Maximum 10 per wire • PV bias - -span to +span • PV ratio - 0.500 to 1.500 • Input digital filter - 0.1 to 100.0 sec. (OFF when 0 is set.) • Output type - Measured value (PV) • Output accuracy - ±0.1% of span • Output resolution More than 12 bits
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