High-Performance LSI chips for the Semiconductor Manufacturing and Inspection Technology Industries


Nyden Corporation and its parent company, Mycom, Incorporated, announced today that, supplemental to being the pioneering design leaders of advanced, high-torque and nanospeed Motion Control Systems, they are also creating a new avenue of growth in the LSI Chip industry, specifically for the worldwide semiconductor equipment marketplace. Addressing the need for an eclectic line of innovative LSI chips, Nyden and its corporate parent company have recently designed or enhanced a handful of next-generation Pulse Generator LSI Chips that are projected to perform successfully for both new and existing customers looking to build systems that require a host of flexible functionalities with operating protocols stemming from a single chip. Moreover, these economically-priced LSI chips are engineered exclusively to meet and exceed the design needs of users seeking to employ more avant-garde programming capabilities when building critical semiconductor systems relating to: Process Inspection, Integrated Scatterometry Metrology, Lithography, Dielectric Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP), Electrochemical Plating, Ion Implantation, Thermal Processing and more.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us at Nyden, an exciting time,” said J.F. Kan, senior business executive of Nyden. “Part of the reason why nanomanufacturing technology is growing so successfully is because of the engineered-progress of LSI technology, its miniaturization factor and integration capabilities. By designing and offering a variety of innovative LSI chips with an optimal level of integration scales and performance features, customers can easily design a highly-technological semiconductor system around any of our chips’ multi-functional movement features.”

Nyden’s current line of LSI technology chips includes part numbers: DMP1040, DMP2042, MPG1031, MPG2031 and MPG2011. These chips offer designers flexible operating features, such as the capability to run a certain speed, reach a specified resolution and control the overall movement of a critical multi-axes semiconductor processing equipment.

The new high-speed and high-resolution DMP1040 and DMP2042 are, respectively, single and double-axes LSI Pulse Generator Chips that facilitate a variety of operating parameters when integrated within a motion controller. These ultra compact mainframe chips, at just 0.5 millimeters, a fraction of the size of standard LSI chips, are expected to become an instant global industry-standard for all levels of semiconductor equipment designers. Both series are currently being used by worldwide companies known for producing high-quality silicon wafer production systems and metrology equipment. These chips deliver fine pulse output rates and offer designers additional multi-functional operating features, such as: a variety of pattern Acceleration/Deceleration profile selections to choose from, Buffering options that enables the storage of 3 sets of Sequence Mode and Drive parameters, Speed Override functions that make rewriting the maximum speed in action of a register (target speed) possible, and Slowdown Input Terminals for Reverse / Forward directions.

The newly enhanced MPG1031 and MPG2031 are, respectively, single and double-axes Ultra High-Speed Pulse Generator Chips of DSP-type peripheral circuitry type. With a Frequency Resolution of 65,536 steps, both systems (extremely compact at 0.5 millimeters, a quarter the size of conventional LSI chips) offer built-in programmable functions for critical Motion Control applications. Address and Data commands sent directly to these chips allow a semiconductor system designer the enhanced flexibility to compose S-Curves, Trapezoidal/Triangular movements, Point-to-Point and Circular interpolations, as well as complex profiles for Closed Loop or Open Loop applications. Additional features include a 3-Mode option for searching the Home Position, Encoder Counters with scaling factors of 1, 2 and 4-times the Input count for enhanced flexibility, and a range of 6-Interrupt functions to choose from for system or user intervention programmability.

The newly designed 2-Axes MPG2011 LSI Pulse Generator Chip, offered in a 64 Pin QFP package, is also extremely compact at 0.5 millimeters, and designed specifically to address critical design profiles proposed by the employment of industry-standard Stepping or Digital Input Servo Motors. With the power to reach an ultra high speed pulse rate output up to 7.25 MHz, the enhanced compactness and thinness of the MPG2011 offers designers of all design levels the capability to modify the Acceleration and Deceleration rates of a semiconductor-related system in order to reach a desired Trapezoidal, Triangular and Velocity movement profiles for an assortment of Point-to-Point applications. Exclusive features include: an automated and pre-calculated Starting Point for Deceleration movements, individual settings for Acceleration and Deceleration Slopes, and a range of 4-Interrupt functions to choose from for system or user intervention programmability


* Single Chip to Control the Motion of 2 Axes Stepping or Digital Input Servo Motors. * Capable of modify the Acceleration and Deceleration rates in order to provide Trapezoidal , Triangular and Velocity move profiles for Point to Point applications. * Ultra High Speed Pulse Rate output up to 5.5 Mhz. * Starting point for Deceleration can be calculated automatically. * Individual settings for Acceleration and Decelerations slopes. * Four Interrupts are provide for system or user intervention.
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