High Performance Racking Comes Together, with Easy Assembly


This Racking System Offers: · A Pallet Racking Mezzanine Platform Contemporary Racking Design Patented Modular Racking (Philadelphia, PA -- METALSISTEM introduces the Super 4/ 5/ 6 series racking, an innovative answer to pallet racking, mezzanine and automated storage requirements thanks to high performance and simple assembly. The Super 456 series facilitates the creation of countless forms and shapes for mezzanines, able to optimize application requirements. The system is also suited for DRIVE-IN installations, capable of maximizing warehouse storage volumes. This racking is suitable for medium to heavy-duty pallet storage, with a capacity of over 36,000 lbs. Frame heights can reach from ten feet to over 40ft in ¼ ft increments. Frame depths are from 2ft to 5ft in 4in increments. Safety and product quality of the Super 456 series has been recognized by the rigorous TÜV Rheinland Group for product Safety and Quality, and conforms to the BMEC (Building Materials Authorization Commission) code of Ontario, Canada. The main components of this system are:The upright: a closed section without cuts or openings with eight connection points on four faces. The design is versatile both for pallet racking and mezzanine applications. The upright is able to provide a connection point for two beams on the same face and level of the upright The beam: is a standardized section for both pallets racking and shelving requirements, adopting a profile containing up to a 4-fold variation in material thickness. The beams can be coupled and connected onto the same face of the upright in parallel. METALSISTEM North America offers innovative products of the highest quality, providing highly technical solutions to the most challenging racking problems such as rapid assembly, highly reliable stability and strength, and utmost cost efficiency. The use of prime quality zinc coated steel insures a high level of durability.METALSISTEM North America is able to offer a wide range of advanced products such as boltless galvanized shelving, racking, drive-in corridors, mezzanine, pallet racking, cantilever rack, stainless steel shelving, vertical storage and mobile racks.
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