High-Performance Solenoids


Intersol Industries introduces a new line of high performance solenoids consisting of a dual coil construction offering initial high pull in force and high holding force with low power consumption.
This allows the solenoid to remain energized for an extended period of time without over heating. The key future of these “Pick and Hold “ devices is a solid-state controller used to activate the solenoid. The controller automatically energizes the primary coil creating high output force and after a short on time the controller switches to the holding coil for continuous duty operation.

The advantage of performing this switching function with a solid-state controller as opposed to traditional contact switches is increased life and performance since there are no contacts to wear out due to large inductive load.


• Operating Voltage: 12 or 24 VDC • Power: Primary Coil (Pull) – 170Watts • Secondary Coil (Hold) – 7Watts • Timing: Primary Circuit on for 300ms & switching to secondary for continuous duty operation. • Temperature Rating: 130C • Life Expectancy: 1Million Cycles • Dielectric Strength: 1000V RMS • Holding Force: 400 Ounces with flat – faced plunger.
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